Hybrid Mobile Apps

Hybrid app solutions that can work seamlessly across multiple device platforms and operating systems. Whether a smartphone, tablet or laptop or running iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS or Windows, can build the solution to meet your needs.If your target is the mobile browser, Hybrid lends itself well to this approach as well because of its reliance upon the WebView.

HTML5 coding

HTML5 is the latest and most well adopted standard of HyperText Markup Language. Although it is not a programming language, it is still an essential component of web applications, and even sometimes modern desktop and mobile applications. Familiarity with the HTML5 specification is an important skill that all front-end developers must possess.

PHP webdevelopment

PHP is the most used web development language on the internet, which simply means its the most preferred language when it comes to running your website. There are lots of reasons for this, mostly because PHP is open source, meaning its freely available on the internet and vastly supported and developed by the open source community all over the world. It offers great amount of flexibility and is very easy to develop.For your business, all this means that with PHP you get a cheap, yet very effective solution which is scalable so that gives you the scope of expansion as your business grows, you save money and you are able to run your web business just the way you wanted.

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Project is intended to provide security card to the persons of the offices or children for health services. Application takes basic details of the person with all fingerprints and face pictures.

One who wants to access the services has to match the registered fingerprints patterns and if recognized by the system will be allowed to access the services. It uses fingerprint device named secugen hamaster plus device. This device captures the fingerprint and stores the template in the system. It is developed in such a way that it can be accessible in WAN as well as LAN environment.

Tracking System tracks the real time location of the employee which allows employer to track them as specially sales or marketing staffs. Even this is useful in construction or on field workplaces to view work progress in real time.

Application supports to see location and details of the captured image from the site location. This application is integrated with mobile application which is developed in android native technology. Every staff is uniquely identified by their IMEI number and is tracked using the same. Tracking is hidden feature in mobile application which only let administrator or authorized person to view online.

My World is a social networking application built in phonegap hybrid technology. My world lets you to stay connected with your friends.It allows you to send files , share your location, you can set reminders using calendar, see friends' updates , can like them , comment those or even you can chat with online friends.

This mobile application uses openfire chat server for chatting , friends invitations which uses XMPP chat protocol. This application communicate to central server using web services.

Leleceramic allows manufacturer, retailer , dealer or wholesaler to buy / sale their ceramic products on the website. This website let them get connected to the needed and authenticated advertisers. Each registered advertisers are verified by the system using SMS verification. Each advertisement is authorized by the administrator before getting published in the portal.

There is backend provided to monitor all activities of each customer or registered users. Whereas there is facility to block person or to discard his advertisements. There is also banner advertisements features that benefits website owner by earning funds.

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Nailsbar , an informative website with e-commerce concept. This website is designed for company called Nailsbar in Singapore. Website contains their offers, products, courses they offers and an online appointment booking feature. Visitors can purchase their product online and can buy using cards or PayPal.

Nailsbar is built in wordpress and with dynamic theme design.Woocommerce is used for online shopping feature. There are some wordpress plugins used such as for gallery, for team members, for displaying products and many more.

Rental Management System ease the work of renting any vacant premises. System manages agreements, their monthly payments, overdue reminders, settlement and effective managerial reports. It also takes care of renewals or extension of agreement. Rental system has features like property tax management, commission records, unit's inventory details and purchase / service records.

This system is built in Codeignitor with bootstrap framework which gives responsive design. It is specially designed for companies who rent their units to tenants. Each records or reports can be exported in PDF and excel wherever needed.



Master in Applied Information Technology

Waikato Institute of Technology, New Zealand

Year: 2020-Present

Bachelor of Information Technology

Pacific University, India

Year: 2010-2013

Diploma in Information Technology

Nirma University, India

Year: 2006-2010

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